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​​​The Elk Lodge - Opportunity to Expand!

Trail West has an immediate need to purchase The Elk Lodge.  The Elk is situated amongst the Trail West chalets and has been owned by friends of Young Life for many years.  Trail West has the opportunity to purchase the property before it is sold on the open market, thus preventing significant encroachment of new owners on camp property. Furthermore, the Elk will provide Trail West much needed addtional space to continue serving guests well.

The Elk Lodge
  • The Elk will become a premier guest chalet allowing an existing chalet to be repurposed to provide desperately needed additional assigned team space.
  • A portion of the Elk will become a suite for “drop-in” guests.
  • The Elk will provide a large off season rental unit to produce revenue for camp.
  • ​The additional space provides the flexibility to allow housing for a future Camp Physician program.
We have raised $580,000 of the $650,000 needed to purchase, furnish and renovate the Elk Lodge!  Would you consider partnering with us to reach our goal and to help us continue providing families the best week of their lives?  For more information, contact Micah Salazar, Camp Manager,​ at 719-395-2477 (​ or click below to give today.

Trail West ​Master Plan

In 2014, Trail West celebrated it’s 50th anniversary and the completion of an extensive lodge remodel.  As we enter into the next 50 years of ministry at Trail West, there is a renewed focus on increasing the value of our guests’ experience with improved facilities, amenities and activities.  We are currently developing a Master Plan that will guide us to meet this goal.  Look for more information coming soon as the plan develops.

Ideas for the Master Plan include:
  • Covered pavilion/sports courts and more activities in the Aspen Grove
  • New pool and pool deck with water slide and splash park features
  • Expansion of the club room
  • New work crew and summer staff dorm
  • Additional Kids Klub space and additional meeting space
  • A comprehensive landscaping and road improvement plan
  • New adventure park to replace the ropes course

In addition, we continue to make smaller improvements each year that will enhance the value of the Trail West experience.  If you are interested in further information or to make a contribution to the development of Trail West Lodge please contact Micah Salazar, Camp Manager,​ at 719-395-2477 or

Camp Development Principles

After construction is complete, Young Life camps are financially self-sufficient. All operational expenses, maintenance, administrative costs and funded depreciation are paid from camp revenue generated by camper fees. Only major capital projects require fundraising after the initial purchase or construction.

We only grow as thoughtful and generous gifts allow. Young Life camps have a long-standing policy to first raise the funds and then to develop new projects, facilities and amenities. This is so the camp fees that summer and school season guests pay is minimized to reflect true operating costs. This practice also allows us to develop new projects to a standard of excellence.
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